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St Jean

On St. Barthélemy La Maison is one of the first vacation homes of the plantation owners or planteurs from Guadaloupe who settled this little paradise.

The house is designed for tropical living: natural ventilation, big bay windows which open wide and a hillside location caressed by the trade winds but out of range of storms and above the heat of the coast.

La Maison is nestled among the flowering hills of St. Jean, just 400 yards from the beach with no close neighbors but within walking distance of la Villa Créole with its restaurants and shops.

The seascapes provided by the breathtaking 180 degree ocean view vary constantly, and the sunset provides a colorful spectacle each evening at cocktail hour, known locally as « l’heure du planteur ». An L shaped swimming pool just beyond the living area and the deck constructed of precious tropical woods create surroundings for the house which are both striking and practical.

La Maison is organized in the spirit of the sumptuous life of the planters’ houses but with a sense of intimacy and is decorated with antique colonial furnishings.

There are two suites with their own bathrooms, a guest room, a large living room and a dining room.

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