in St Barts

Whether you’re a watersport enthusiast looking to test yourself against the strength of the sea, or simply wish to enjoy a moment of total relaxation, St. Barts is the ideal location for all sorts of activities. Surfing, diving, fishing, paddling…Fly like the wind on your jet ski. Skim across the ocean under a sail. Novice or accomplished divers can explore the wonders that lay under the water’s surface. The choice is yours.


A world full of wonders

Scuba diving

Scuba diving allows you to observe a fascinating universe of coral reefs and multicolored fish that abound all around St. Barts. Characteristic of this aquatic world is the emblematic sea turtle, which you will surely see during an underwater “stroll”. Explore mysterious shipwrecks not far from the harbor and a number of extraordinary spots with evocative names: l’Aquarium, le Pain de Sucre, l’Ane Rouge, la faille de Shell Beach, au pied des ilets Toc Vert, Ile Coco, Gros Ilets, et au cœur des baies de l’île.

We offer sea and underwater excursions accompanied by professional guides and experienced, certified divers that adapt to your level. Ardent nature lovers themselves, they are happy to share their passion for scuba diving and introduce you to this breathtaking wonderland. Should you prefer to the freedom and simplicity of snorkeling, these pros can also take you to the best accessible spots.

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Offshore sportfishing

Deep sea fishing

Requiring humility and patience, deep sea fishing is regarded as one of the most noble forms of hunting. Celebrated by Hemingway, big game fishing matches you against some of the fiercest opponents of the animal kingdom: the marlin, the barracuda, the wahou, the tarpon. St. Barts has always been considered a fishing island but now the fresh, succulent fish supplied to its gourmet restaurants derive from this thrilling activity.

We work with professional sportfishing guides who are at the ready with adapted boats and all the equipment needed for a half or a whole day of inshore or offshore fishing. Their experience allows you to cast your line, with virtual certainty, into a school of sea bream, or as we call it, Mahi-Mahi. Although your catch is often released, it will forever remain a memorable victory.

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Thrilling water sports

Surf the waves

Enjoy wind surfing, kitesurfing and catamaraning all year round thanks to the island’s regular, tropical trade winds. Glide at full speed over the sea’s surface. If you happen to fall, it’s ok - the water temperature is always ideal. The pleasure you will experience standing under a sail or balancing on the float of a Hobie Cat with the wind at your back is all that matters. When gusts are strong, waves develop, and several of the island’s bays turn into surfing spots. Anse des Cayes, Lorient and Toiny come highly recommended by tube enthusiasts.

You don’t have to be an experienced water sports enthusiast to enjoy these activities - on the contrary! We can arrange for a number of private lessons that will allow you to either discover one of these pastimes or indulge in your favorite activity whenever the mood strikes. Attentive and well equipped, these professionals will provide everything you need.

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Faster, higher, stronger

International Olympic Committee 1894, Pierre de Coubertin, 1863 - 1937

Motorized water sports

This Olympic motto is particularly adapted to the motorized water sports of late, and their ability to increase the sensation of speed and power. Although jet skiing has become an unavoidable exhilarating activity (that you must try if you’ve never done it!), the flyboard is still quite new. This extraordinary, athletic experience makes you feel like a flying superhero. A bit more low-key, the seabob allows you to effortlessly traverse the ocean’s floor. However, don’t forget to breathe, because your breath will be taken away!

We love helping you discover these sorts of activities and only work with seasoned professionals who care about your safety. As the flyboard uses a jet ski turbine to get lift you up, both practices are often interconnected. Taking it to the next level is strongly encouraged! Higher. Stronger.

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Stroll on the water

Paddle board & kayak

On the ocean, paddle boarding and kayaking are the two activities that bring you the closest to nature. Here, no speed is involved, only the strength of your arms on the paddles, giving you a unique perspective to the island. Alone or with others in the same hull or on the same board, the size and the beauty of the sea brings about a certain sense of humility and unity. It is not uncommon for a marine animal to pop up, in silence, to say hello. Lately, these leisurely outings are becoming more and more popular.

It is to be noted that these activities do require a minimum of physical effort. But feeling like an explorer approaching a desert island for a few hours is quite the reward. We’re betting that this could become your favorite activity to share with friends or family. By opting for a clear-bottomed kayak, you can also admire the ocean floor.

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