St Barts for Luxury Travelers

St Barts for Luxury Travelers

St. Barts island
French west indies

Discover the Beauty of Sophisticated Saint Barthelemy

Legendary and unparalleled, St Barts is the destination of choice for the world’s most influential individuals. Whether in quest of exotic scenery or seeking exclusive luxury travel, this prestigious Caribbean jewel, accredited with an internationally renowned French “art de vivre”, is much more than a secret haven or a temple of laid back refinement, it's a lifestyle beyond compare.

We know from experience and passion that if you haven’t already fallen in love with St Barthelemy, you soon will! Our expertise and efficiency are placed at your service to help best organize your stay. Recreation, Relaxation, Reveries - our staff is entirely devoted to your satisfaction and will provide a personalized response to each of your requests. From your mind’s eye to real life, the most memorable vacation you will ever experience starts here.

Discover St Barts

There, everything is order and beauty, luxury, calm and voluptuousness.


Eden Rock

Eden Rock

Stay in St Barts

Days are spent sunbathing on white-sand beaches that stretch along the contours of resplendent tropical coves. Evenings begin watching sunsets into the azure water and end in the intimate setting of your private villa, surrounded by your entourage of family and friends. We derive immense pleasure out of playing a part in creating these moments of perfection and helping make your stay unforgettable.

St Barts villas offer an incredible variety, from charming French West Indies properties dispersed along the coastline to contemporary designer homes with pool-side ocean views. Legendary Hotel Eden Rock, luxury hotels on the beach and palatial suites of Hotel Cheval Blanc Isle de France offer alternative options for your Caribbean island vacation. Or, take to the sea and experience endless horizons aboard an ultraluxe yacht.

St Barts features a distinguished range of superb accommodations to choose from. Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll handle everything, from reservations to personalized VIP services. Your wish is our command!

St Barts accommodations

St Barts Yachts

Extreme luxury has a name in St Barts: The Superyacht.
Channel your inner Neptune and heed the call of the Atlantic Ocean for a unique experience aboard a masterpiece of comfort and design. In the ideal setting of St Barts turquoise waters, cruise from one beautiful island to the next.

Visualize your dream itinerary then entrust its organization to our expert who knows every yacht and its crew available in St Barts and in the Caribbean sea. Each moment spent on board or ashore will be determined by you but organized by us. From A (Adventure) to Z (Zen), all services are customizable. When luxury sailing in the tropics of the Western Hemisphere is fused with total relaxation, the experience is simply unforgettable aboard a superyacht charter.


Festivals & Events

Throughout the season, St Barts hosts many international festive and sporting events. The year gets off to a merry start. Far from the frost of the New York and Parisian winters, the island is literally bursting with guests that have come to warm up and enjoy the New Year’s Day festivities. In the spring, yachting enthusiasts are treated to two of the most impressive nautical events in the world - the Bucket Regatta and Les Voiles de Saint Barth Richard Mille. At the end of autumn, the Gourmet Festival is another popular event during which French starred chefs meet up in St Barts to the surprise and delight of culinary connoisseurs. Jean Georges Vongerichten was the ambassador of the first edition of the Gourmet Festival in 2014.

St Barts Events