St Barts

Your experience in St Barts will be unique and unforgettable. Let yourself be amazed by the discoveries, adventures, sensations and savors, and be ready to fall even more in love with this glorious island.

Whether you’re coming for the first time, or have already succumbed to St Barts incredible charm, whether you’re interested in high-energy, sporting activities or just wish to enjoy pure moments of relaxation, our personalized itineraries let you be you! Throughout the day, follow your mood and take advantage of the many tailor made recreational pastimes at your disposal. Rest assured that more magical moments await in tomorrow’s program!


All year long, sailing and motor yachts cross paths in the crystal-clear waters surrounding St. Barts island. As an iconic activity on the island, the world of recreational boating awaits you! Glide across the beautiful bays on the mahogany deck of a graceful sailboat, leaving the mainland behind. Charter a catamaran for a half or whole day and gaze at the wakes on the sea’s surface. For adventurous souls or budding explorers, excursions to neighboring islands take you even further offshore.

Surrender to the pleasure that is sailing. These crafts are as comfortable as they are beautiful, and their captains are happy to welcome you and your guests on board for short outings or longer, more adventurous cruises.

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Swimming in the turquoise waters that border the fourteen beaches of the island is not the only way to enjoy the ocean in St. Barts – far from it!

Imagine an abundance of multicolored fish, impressive silver tarpon, sea turtles and a many other wonders in the translucent waters or on deep shipwrecks accompanying you on a dive - dazzling! Fantasize being at one with the jet ski as it flies over the tops of waves - exhilarating! Dream of being as agile as a dolphin as you glide under the surface with a seabob - breathtaking! Picture the catch at the end of your deep sea fishing line leaping suddenly and powerfully out of the sea - explosive! Visualize the wind inflating the sail of your windsurf, hobie cat or kiteboard - adrenalin!

The island offers a multitude of exhilarating activities that leave the taste of salt on your lips and sensational images in your mind.

Watersport Activites

Luxury Shopping

Haute couture, leather goods, jewelry, watchmakers, perfume… The biggest names in luxury, interspersed with impressive art galleries, can all be found as you stroll the streets of Gustavia. Although the sun itself is a sufficient form of dress in St. Barts, let yourself be tempted by a Vilebrequin swimsuit, a Louis Vuitton or Hermes travel bag, a Blancpain diving watch, a Graff solitaire diamond that sparkles in the sun, an elegant Guerlain perfume or Estée Lauder skin care product. The pleasure to give is as great as that to receive. And don’t forget, the most enticing products are tax-free in this little corner of paradise!

Mingled in with these international fashion houses, talented artists with an international following, display authentic, “made in St Barths” creations that are sure to tempt and delight.

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Fine Dining

The fine dining found in St. Barts is a collaboration of passion and skill - talented chefs, expert restaurant owners, sommeliers, and of course those who recognize creativity and appreciate top quality food and products. Here, culinary ingenuity is cultivated with unselfish fervor resulting in an exceptional choice of delectable menus inspired by the Caribbean lifestyle and adding to the refined French “art de vivre”, which remains the foundation in spite of the many other international influences found on the island.

Let us take this culinary experience even further and personalize it according to your own special tastes and preferences. Invite a chef to cook for you and your family at your villa; savor a private tasting of exceptional vintage wines; enjoy an onboard picnic; compose an exquisite, romantic dinner around a bottle of Dom Pérignon… For a special evening or for the duration of your stay, any of these suggestions can be organized in a snap by your well-connected concierge.

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The heart of St. Barts never stops beating and an intense passion for life vibrates throughout the island day and night. Because one never wants the night to end when surrounded by good food and friends, restaurants are open late, just as in Paris or New York. There is no rush to get to the clubs, the sound of the hottest guest DJ’s will welcome you until dawn.

On New Year’s Eve, with the new year full of promise and positivity just ahead, excitement is at its peak, and fantastic, extravagant parties carry on through the night.

However, the most magnificent birthday party, or legendary St. Barts wedding could indeed be the one imagined by you and organized by us. The only limits are those you set yourself! Intimate and family events can also be planned. Privatize your favorite spot on the island; whether it be for a party of two or your entourage of twenty, have a private chef come to your villa so you can sit back and appreciate the entire evening with your guests; hire a nanny to look after your children so that you too can enjoy the nightlife that has made St. Barts so famous…

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Sports & Wellness

Vacations are the ideal time to nurture a passion, improve a sports activity, discover a new special interest or, of course, simply recharge your batteries. At your request, our wellness professionals can suggest many relaxing services.

Absorb the island’s invigorating, earthly energy during a yoga class, then lay back and let yourself be pampered with luxury body care products during a relaxing, detoxifying, wellness massage. If it’s sports that interest you, hit a few balls - tennis or volleyball - with a pro. Take a helicopter ride to St. Maarten, Anguilla or St. Kitts and Nevis to enjoy eighteen rounds on a top of the line golf course. Take part in an archery class - the martial art that will test your self-control and concentration.

Rest assured, children are not left out; special activities and professional coaches are at your disposal for all kinds of fun and educational pastimes. Live, breathe.

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