Use your time on the island to look after yourself, let go or focus on what is most important - listening to your needs and aspirations will make your experience in St Barts soothing memories. With physical activities and moments of pure relaxation at the spa or during a yoga class, stress, fatigue and worries seem to disappear as if by magic.

On our corner of paradise, people of all ages can find harmony in their energy and heart. How you fill your days - with sports activities, fun, or relaxation - is your choice. Alone or with the members of your entourage and family, you decide if you’re up for some outdoor recreation or if you would simply prefer to surrender yourself to the expert hands of professional masseurs. Let your mood be your guide.


Spa & massage

Immerse yourself in total serenity. Many find the soulful ritual of meditation essential to their wellbeing. With the rise and fall of your own breath, harmonize your energy and become one with the world and yourself before jumping into a day full of activities or a wild night. Take this experience to the next level with a yoga coach.

Be it at your villa, aboard your yacht, in the open air or in a spa, during the delicate glow of dawn or the soothing light of dusk, our personalized concierge service proposes masseurs who provide relaxing, adjusting or other various massage therapies according to your needs; foot reflexology, drainage, prenatal massage, detox, Thai or Swedish. Aromatherapy and beauty services for the face, hair, body, hands and feet are also available. Discover the haven of peace that resides in you.

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Personal trainer

Sometimes it is not the lack of desire or motivation that holds us back, but rather the proper know-how. A personal trainer can help improve your technique and skill in the activity of your choice. Seasoned specialists adapt to any level and are well versed in various sports activities, fitness, crossfit and even boxing; or alternatively benefit from a yoga or meditation coach.

For almost any activity that you wish to try out or improve upon, get personalized instruction from one of these professionals in the best conditions; around the swimming pool of your villa, on the back deck of your yacht, on a beach. Allow yourself to be motivated and challenged by someone who will, in the end, help you excel.  

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Hiking in St Barts

Discover this mysterious island with the help of a pair of good hiking shoes. Some settings, such as the remote coast that boasts coves, beaches and natural pools, or Mount Vitet, the island’s summit with an altitude of 286 meters, are fortunately, only accessible by foot, allowing nature to remain preserved. You can also discover the history of Gustavia through its narrow streets, or the trails around the Pointe Toiny and above Colombier, all perfect for photo ops and capturing unforgettable family moments.

The hikes proposed are accompanied by a passionate and fascinating nature guide. Although a high level of fitness is not generally necessary, for some trails it is preferable to be in good physical condition in order to enjoy the hike to its fullest. These excursions can also be turned into cardio training if your heart so desires.

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Activities for kids

Junior athletes and young explorers are treated like kings on the island. Much to their delight, favorite pastimes on the beach can be organized in a supervised and secure setting. From toddlers to older children, a wide range of services is offered: water and sand activities, babysitting at your villa, organization of age appropriate themed birthday parties, various lessons, discovery and creative workshops, training and attentive care.

During special events reserved for adults, such as weddings and parties, your little adventurers can enjoy entertaining childcare filled with fun moments just for them while you enjoy a worry-free break.

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Recreational sports

Whether you wish to stay fit, resume an activity that has been neglected for far too long due to a lack of time, or maintain and improve your performance, the island is brimming with sports activities. Tennis, beach volleyball and archery enthusiasts will easily find the perfect spot to practice their preferred sport. Upon request, personal coaches and trainers are available to put you to the challenge.

Many villas are equipped with a fitness room. Outside, the secure tranquility of the island, its natural scenery and temperate climate lend themselves beautifully to a solo run. Beware, however, of the hilly terrain that can surprise even the savviest of runners. Another (and easier) way to discover the island is by quad. Unless, of course, you simply want to make your way to the golf greens of Anguilla, St. Martin or St. Kitts and Nevis, in which case we can happily arrange a helicopter for you.

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