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...a vacation tailored to suit your every demand.

Hospitality is second nature on our heavenly Caribbean island. Since 1996 we have helped make St Barts a dream destination by carefully curating a range of services that allow us to meet every need and satisfy any want.

Looking to host family or friends for a week of fun filled activities and adventures? Or rather a month of total relaxation and privacy in villa with direct beach access or a scintillating, private pool. Let our selection of luxury accommodations entice you.

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Wake Up
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Villa Rentals

With every villa on St Barts being unique, you are sure to find one that suits you. Be it a property equipped with an infinity pool, or languidly placed along a sandy beach, these exceptional villas will bring together your loved ones and become the setting in which precious memories are made.

We are the local authority when it comes to custom rentals and know each of these properties like the back of our hand. Personalized concierge services to enhance your stay can also be provided. The hardest decision will be choosing only one amongst all of these amazing houses!

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Whether at a starred establishment, or one that boasts the prestigious distinction of Palace, experience a level of hotel tradition so high that it is truly a form of art. With a limited capacity at even the largest hotels, and the biggest names such as Eden Rock, Palace Cheval Blanc isle de France, Le Barthelemy, Le Toiny, Le Christopher, Le Guanahani or Le Sereno at your disposal, quality, exclusivity and luxury are guaranteed.

Imagine suites overlooking the Grand Cul de Sac lagoon, or your room just steps from the white sandy beach. From large, spaces that let you comfortably spread out, to intimate settings perfect for a romantic getaway, all with impeccable service.

Tell us what appeals to you and we will find the perfect fit to make your stay in St. Barts simply superb.

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St Barths Yacht Charter
St Barths Yacht Charter


On the water, your dreams are your limit. The ultimate freedom of choosing your destination among the Caribbean islands that comes with chartering a superyacht is an unforgettable experience for you and your entourage.

We take special care in organizing charters departing from St Barts or connecting from the port of Gustavia. Owners and crews of the world’s most luxurious vessels trust our extensive knowledge of not only their offers, but also your requests to ensure a perfect match is found.

Once on board, the experience will be beyond compare, because we will have taken care of everything up to the last detail.

St Barts Superyachts