Close your eyes and imagine: a delightfully scented tropical breeze blows lightly on your face… The print of your bare foot in the warm sand of Gouverneur’s beach joins that of your future spouse… The faces of your guests gathered here in St Barts are illuminated with smiles and emotion… They say every moment of our existence is important, but this moment, in the ideal setting of the most enchanting island in the French West Indies, is simply unforgettable.

The most meaningful personal occasions of your life should be exceptional. Even the slightest detail is of significant importance. The events we create on the island are organized with the upmost care. By listening attentively to your wishes and utilizing our experience, we create the foundation on which your project is built and work with you to successfully fulfill all of your dreams. Ask our advice, we would be honored to help!



With its magnificent beaches, soft, caressing sun at sunset and exceptional villas and hotels allowing your friends and family to enjoy a magical stay, what better setting than this paradise inspired island to capture the romantic, passionate and unforgettable occasion when your love is transformed into eternal commitment.

Organizing the best day of your life is something we take very seriously. We look forward to helping you plan every detail of this special moment, not only during the celebration, but also before and after - from greeting your entourage, to organizing your visit. We will arrange everything to ensure that your stay is nothing less than sheer bliss.

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A few hours back, perhaps in New York, Paris, the Hamptons or Provence, your wedding was celebrated amongst the warm affection of family and friends. We offer you our sincerest congratulations! Now, on a plane en route for the sensual destination of St. Barts, your nuptial journey begins.

This romantic getaway should be completely undisturbed and hassle free. First, choose the perfect villa rental for your stay. Next, tête-à-tête dinners, relaxing or energizing activities, fun outings and many other adventures are organized. The only surprises you will encounter are those that will have been carefully planned for your enjoyment.

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in St Barts

At each stage of life, there are distinctly important moments that should be celebrated amongst your closest friends, family and loved ones. In a delightful tropical atmosphere, enjoy a fun-filled bachelor or bachelorette party, ring in the New Year, celebrate your child or spouse’s birthday, or organize a party to honor your happy and fulfilling marriage.

Casual yet exclusive, St. Barts is undeniably one of the most festive and entertaining places to host a celebration. This is no doubt why you chose the island as the setting for your event and are allowing us the opportunity to turn it into one of the most unique, stand out experiences of your life.

Organize your party in St Barts
FALCON 8X - Dassault Falcon Jet Corp.
FALCON 8X - Dassault Falcon Jet Corp.

Corporate events

During certain key and strategic moments of a company, co-workers can benefit immensely from working and spending time together in an idyllic setting. St. Barts boasts solutions not only for accommodations, but also for organizing casual yet productive meetings.

Go all out to ensure your company’s success. Easily accessible through the neighboring islands’ international airports and a short connecting flight, or via a private jet charter that we can organize for you, the environment in St. Barts will give your managers, executives and employees the motivational boost needed to succeed.

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