St Barts is an endless source of elation - an island so beautiful can’t help but intensify excitement. In the spring of each year, two world-renowned and highly publicized nautical events are organized, celebrating the adventurous and competitive spirit of seamen, who were, for a long period, the only ones to frequent St Barts.

With the arrival of Winter, the ultimate season in the tropics, skippers make way for stars… In November, much to the delight of festival goers, starred chefs gather for an extraordinary culinary event, and at the end of the year, starry eyed holiday makers light up the most festive night known to the island.

We have singled out four of the most legendary, not-to-be-missed festivities that take place in St Barts.

Fireworks in Gustavia
Fireworks in Gustavia

St Barts New Year's

If there is one point in time when the temperature in St Barts’ restaurants and clubs rises to the breaking point, it is at the end of December, when the new year, and all it promises to bring, is imminent. When New York is frozen by an arctic cold and the weather in Europe is sad and grey, the island, for a fortnight, is the hottest place to be. Mind you, this has nothing to do with weather – the sizzling energy found during this privileged time of year is entirely created by vacationers. Luxurious holidays and magical end-of-year parties attract the most glamorous and influential of the world’s Jet Set.

St Barts New Year's

St Barths
Bucket Regatta

Taking place in March, The Bucket Regatta - a three-day competition spotlighting extraordinary sailing yachts that matchup for a series of impressive races - is one of St. Barts’ most important and publicized nautical events. Only yachts measuring 100 feet long and over are invited to contend for the title of king of the seas. In the evening back on land, sailing enthusiasts and professionals swap stories about their shared passion at one of the many parties hosted on port of Gustavia.

St Barths Bucket Regatta

Les Voiles
Richard Mille

Passion for sailing in its purest form is what brings together the hundreds of top athletes and the dozens of strategists essential to the professional crews and skippers at the helm of eighty of the most magnificent racing sailboats found on the sea. In April, the best time of year in the tropics for sustained winds, St Barts hosts five days of successive, spectacular regattas. Parallels made between this event and the legendary Voiles de Saint-Tropez are certainly warranted, not only from a sporting point of view, but also for the electrifying ambiance that reigns on land.

Les Voiles of St Barts

Gourmet Festival

Making its debut in 2013, this delicious gourmet festival has become a must for epicureans and culinary enthusiasts alike. For this event, the island’s most renowned chefs welcome Michelin-starred chefs from mainland France into their kitchens and combine their savoir-faire to the delight of the festival’s participants. The excitement that this event generates every year is definitely justified.

St Barts Gourmet Festival