St Barts
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With at least one beach, Saline, ranked among the fifteen most beautiful beaches in the world, the island of St. Barts is a very sought out destination. Blessed by the combined benefits of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea responsible for its mild tropical climate – especially appreciated when the cold of winter grips the northern half of the planet - the island boasts thirteen other sublime beaches along its thirty-two kilometers of preserved coastline, such as Flamands, Gouverneur, Shell Beach and Colombier. Back in the fifties, David Rockefeller was not mistaken when he acquired a superb and symbolic property. Since then, many others have been captivated by this jewel of the French West Indies.

Purchasing a property in St. Barts is often instigated by an infatuation with the island's fantastic beauty and extraordinary safe and laid back quality of life. Beautiful villas for sale, with luxurious layouts and spectacular sea views, offer an exceptional way to treat yourself, and with the demand for high-end rentals always on the rise, real estate value will never decrease. From experience, we know that the St. Barts’ real estate market is in perpetual motion, making it crucial to be extremely well informed and reactive. We have been helping private and corporate investors for years and our agents’ expertise is at your service.

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