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      Date: Sep 10, 2012
     Title: Rhony and the last hurrah on Island!

Last day in St. Barths.

Aviva just couldn't give it up! Good thing they were able to escape for a classic St barths lunch at the nearly untouched Le Tamarin. Carole is shocked that the restaurant has not changed in 20 years! The traditional beauty of St. barths is well and alive at this eclectic gem just around the corner from Saline beach.

 Saline Beach- St Barths

"Don't sweat the small stuff" If the traditional ambiance wasn't enough they had plenty of opportunities to escape the drama. Shopping heals everything and Poupette is the the chicest shop at Le Tamarin to buy gorgeous original printed rompers, dresses, scarves and bags suitable for day and night on the island.

restaurant Tamarin - St Barths

Ahhh Heather and Carole finally had time to bond on the breathtaking Saline beach...the magical water will wash away all sins!

St Barths just wouldn't be the island it is if it weren't for exceptional food and sunset's no wonder the girls all decided to dine at Bonito...

Restaurant Bonito - St Barths

okay maybe they sat at separate tables but this Gustavia hot spot has plenty of space and incredible views of Gustavia harbour to distract even the cat fighting Aviva and Ramonja!

Gustavia Harbour - St Barths

In the end the girls really did "go wild" skinny dipping at villa dunes! There's nothing like a little hedonism to heal all wounds and St. barths really is the island to drop your cares (and your dresses) and enjoy the magic of life!