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      Date: Sep  3, 2012
     Title: The Real Housewives of NYC more fierce than hurricane Issac!

RHONY continue to sizzle on the island of St barths.

Come one come all...Looks like Sonja is going to get some action of her own tonight! LuAnn's not the only one who can speak the language of love...and all is fair on this sexy tropical paradise.

Colombier - St Barths

Villa Dunes is turning into quite the love shack or shall we say chateau...good thing there's plenty of room for all the pheromones that have been flying around since that steamy night at Le Ti!

Let the RHONY games begin! Sonja seems to be the big winner of the "mating game! Well..."money can't buy you class" but it can buy you a week or two at an extraordinary villa! Whether it's villa Dunes or another nice house like villa Au Soleil or villa Eden Island. There's a place in paradise for anyone searching a perfectly luxurious getaway under the caribbean sun!

Villa Dunes St Barts

We'll see just how far Ramonja is willing to go to make sure this girls getaway stays just that way...skinny dipping in front of Reid!

The RHONY each have a day to it's Ramona's choice! A yacht cruise around the island...destination the breathtaking Colombier beach. Ramona must have chosen one of the chicest yacht rental company on St barths. We can't recommend this experience enough!

What better place than a yacht to workout your issues! The best yacht rentals on the island are Edmiston and Jicky Marine Service...grab your snorkel and another bottle of Pinot Grigio and taste the salt in the air!

Rhony on the yacht in St. Barths

Will Ramona, Sonja and Luanne change villas due to Reid and Avivas arrival? there are so many great choice with unbelievable views and luxury accommodations!

Aviva is about to blow her lid on these scantily clad ladies as she tries to enjoy a holiday with her hubby...she just couldn't fly without him! In true housewives fashion...let the drama continue...

Thats okay there's nothing a dinner at bagatelle cant fix! It is truly a seen and be "scene" experience on St barths! Situated on the harbor in Gustavia, this Italian restaurant is the perfect place to toast the "fun" on St barths!

winair landing in St. Barths

Sonja Morgan dishes about too much Tequila...ladies on the island St barths and what to expect in the episodes to come! Which housewife really has the best bikini bod? How do the ladies really feel about Aviva bringing her husband?

Stay tuned for more RHONY adventures on St barths as the St barths luxury vacation continues...