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      Date: Aug 29, 2012
     Title: Rhony and The Isle Of french Men

Fabulous, Sexy, live in the moment place!

The Real Housewives Of New York all agree St. Barths is a "fabulous, sexy, live in the moment place". The fun begins with an exhilerating flight and safe landing at Gustav III airport in St. Jean, thanks to the expert pilots at Winair.

St Barths Airport

Little did they known the real jaw dropping moment was yet to come! Villa Dunes! The ladies are in awe over the luxury accommodations at their new pad...incredible master suites and a private massage room!

Villa Real Housewives Of New York St Barths

Looks like they'll need the expert services of one of the best masseurs on St barths, Arnaud Daniel.

House Rhony St Barths

Let the Don Perignon flow, the girls are here to party! Whats a trip to St. Barths without the beach?! The Ladies head straight to the "hottest beach" on the the island...Tom Beach.

Tom Beach St Barths

Crystal clear water and plenty of eye candy...grab your chic beach wear from Calypso and dine al fresco at La Plage restaurant.

tom beach restaurant St Barths

After a relaxing day in the sun it's time to dance the night away! In the know Sonja arranges the first big night out at "THE spot for nightlife on the island" Le Ti St Barth. Sexy entertainment, pink truly is pandora's box for the flirtatious, costume wearing RHONY! Stay tuned for more hot and steamy drama on the "Isle of French Men" as the glamorous trip and cat fights continue...