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      Date: Aug 27, 2012
     Title: St Barts here Rhony come!

St Barths here they come!

The RHONY start their primping for the luxury island trip to St barths! Ramona and Sonja get their "quick fix" of beauty treatments...LuAnn shops for bikinis it's like...well ... "something you want to do alone..." Will Avivas fear of small planes stop her from making the trip? No need to worry! She can take a boat! Although we are completely confident in the commuter airlines that shuttle you within minutes to the island...quick, safe and easy to book.

Landing in St. Barts

Yes, once they arrive jeeps, Jimnys and minis will allow for a great exploration of the island, the girls are right! A fun ride is essential on the island. Don't forget a great swimsuit is a must in St barths! there are plenty of great shops to stock up on once you of our favorite st barths stores is Linde Gallery in're sure to find a one of a kind sexy suit for the island! Get you're wardrobe in order...flight plans in place and book a trip to St Barths! Live like the RHONY!