Seasonal Update - Summer 2005
st. jean beach

    The island has had a spectacular green color this spring. Many showers and a high level of humidity were the main factors.

    As usual, with the start of the Low season, comes the start of road work on the island. A small inconvenience in return for smoother ride in the future.

     A few restaurants are closed in June, but most will be reopened for July and August with the following exceptions: Le Sapotillier, La Table de Plantation, Le Lafayette Club, Le Wall House and Terrazza won't reopen before the Fall. Cap au Sud Restaurant at Les 3 Forces did not succeed, and Hubert is back in the kitchen.

    The high end Hotels try to attract customers during the summer with amazing packages. (See Carl Gustaf and Eden Rock). Contrary to what many might think, there is some life on the island in the summer, even though it is far from being crowded. Villa owners often take the opportunity to come to use their investments, and Europeans are getting away from the crowded South of France, and come to enjoy a more peaceful and relaxed way to be in the sunshine.

    Residents have also more time than usual to relax, and the overall ambiance of the island feels more casual. The sea is calm most of the time, and the temperature never reaches the levels of the continental climates.

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