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    Ellen Lampert-Greaux lives in Petite Saline and is the editor-in-chief of Harbour Magazine for Saint Barth and Saint Martin. When she's not organizing the St. Barth Film Festival, or writing for various magazines including Live Design, MACO, and All At Sea, she turns her all-seeing eye upon local happenings.


Party Time

The summer season has started in Saint Barth, which means its time for the annual sales in the island’s boutiques and the pace of life should be slowing down. But it has been like one big summer party around here, especially in the past week when the social calendar has been humming like nobody’s business. May swept out with a Saturday night dance performance in the stadium at St. Jean, with one of the local dance teachers presenting her students in an end-of-year-recital. Full house. The next day the young Suzuki violin students had there turn in a concert at the Anglican Church, followed by the closing night “clean out the refrigerator party” at the Wall House. There must have been several hundred people there and fortunately the staff managed to keep it from becoming a stampede. It’s a great occasion to meet and greet and see a lot of friends, especially Americans who dine frequently at the Wall House during the winter season. Then the week turned to sports with the arrival of a handful of soccer pros from France who played with the local boys on Wednesday night, back at the stadium: Another full house. But in typical island style, there were dinners and lunches at many of the island restaurants—from K’fe Massai and Le Regal to Ti’ Saint Barth and Le Guanahani. Somewhere along the way there was a gallery opening at Porta 34, where LouLou Magras (of LouLou’s Marine fame) showed his photographs, including images taken on his travels to the Azores. Then there was a double header on June 5 with the opening of the new Saint Barth Apple Store—yes as in Apple Computers—in Gustavia. Called La Pomme (apple in French), the store is the idea of an entrepreneurial American who found a nice niche market, and celebrated his opening with a cocktail party at The Strand after everybody had a little hands-on fun with the latest Macs. Marius Stakelborough's
Marius Stakelborough’s
©Rosemond Gréaux
From there the next destination was Le Select for Marius Stakelborough’s 85th birthday party, which drew a large mix of his friends from around the world as well as locals who never miss a good party. There was even a group of New York City fire fighters from the South Bronx, two of whom are part of the FDNY Pipes and Drum Corps and played a few tunes on their bagpipes (one of which must have been Happy Birthday). That celebration continued the next night for invited friends at Eddy’s—the restaurant run by Marius’ son. There were a few other cocktail parties on the horizon, with groups of Americans that basically know each other from the various online forums getting together for drinks or visiting the new rental villa built by a local friend. Whew, all this by the time the first week of June was barely over. And these are just the things I know about: who knows what the rest of the island was doing? But did I actually attend all these events? Maybe yes, maybe no. I’ll never tell.

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    Ellen Lampert-Greaux
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