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    Ellen Lampert-Greaux lives in Petite Saline and is the new editor-in-chief of Harbour Magazine, and when she's not organizing the St. Barth Film Festival, or writing for various magazines, she turns her all-seeing eye upon local happenings.

    March '07

    It’s A Dog’s Life
    My dear friend Peter O’Keefe—founder of this illustrious website and one of the funniest men I know—has been in the doghouse lately. Literally. First there’s Tommy, the alpha male dog, a quite handsome yellow Labrador Retriever who was shipped from the US to St Barth as a puppy and has been enjoying the good life in the tropics ever since. He was a one-dog band until the O’Keefe’s moved from Petit Saline to St. Jean and life went to the dogs. Tommy discovered the female canine wiles of the neighboring German Shorthaired Pointer, and pretty soon one of the resulting puppies came to live with the family—a female called Caramel who looks very much like a Chocolate Lab in the shape of a German Shorthaired Pointer. Next came a little white furry dog that seems to have been abandoned in the neighborhood and won the heart of almost nine-year-old Clara O’Keefe, who named her Leelou. But when this cutie went into heat, lots of neighborhood males came to visit. And one of them just wouldn’t go away. A nice looking dog, sort of like a German Shepherd with short legs, who clearly liked the O’Keefe place. He fully intended to settle in with Tommy and the gang. But Peter was adamant. Three dogs. Not four. This one would have to go. But where? Peter tried to help him find a new home by repeatedly driving him to the far corners of the island, hoping that someone would find him and adopt him. But the dog was doggedly persistent and kept finding his way back “home.” But nothing would persuade Peter to change his mind. This dog was just one too many. Four barks and sixteen sets of claws clacking on the floor were just too much. Eventually a friend of a friend agreed to take the dog to her ranch in Montana. So from then on the dog was known as Montana and the big move was underway. Visits to the vet, and a traveling cage later, Montana went with Peter’s wife, Laurence, to New York to meet his new owner and move on to a new life in the west. happy montana Well that was the idea anyway. But when Laurence got to St Martin to check in at Continental, she was told “no dog.” For one reason or another he couldn’t go on her plane, so once again, Montana arrived back chez Peter, who by this time was beside himself. The dog apparently thought it was all great fun! Eventually Montana made it to New York and will move sometime soon to the ranch. Peter has a fantasy that someday the barn will catch on fire, Montana will smell the smoke, and bark to save the entire ranch from going up in flames. Sounds like a shaggy dog story to me!

    More to come,
    Ellen Lampert-Greaux
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