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By Cécile Lucot
Cécile Lucot has lived in St. Barths for ten years. Originally from Bordeaux, this professional journalist was the editor-in-chief of St. Barth Magazine for six years. She then participated in the daily local mini-newspaper "Today" and writes regularly for regional magazines. Once or twice a month, she presents a recap of local news on St. Barths Online.
November 23, 2008 - #97

Openings and Re-openings

Since early November, restaurants in Gustavia have been re-opening, one right after the other. The Bistro was the first to organize a nice cocktail party, followed by Caviar Island, then Eddy’s, which is always a pleasant place to send an evening. Among the newcomers on the scene, Cuisine has replaced La Saladerie and hopes to become the island’s best address for light, tasty Italian food by a leading Italian chef. The easy going ambiance and décor makes it a natural for lunch, happy hour, or dinner in this locale by the harbor, where you can enjoy a glass of Italian wine accompanied by charcuterie, cheese, or pizza with rosemary. Jean-Louis, the owner of the Entracte, has left the reins of this establishment to his brother, in order to open Central Park, which opened on November 21 in the old location of La Gamelle, and is open all day, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as take-out. Also re-open for the season are La Marine and the Wall House, which were obliged to do some quick renovations following the high seas brought by hurricane Omar. On Shell Beach, Boubou, the owner of Do Brazil, added sand to the beach so that guests can enjoy it as much as in past years. As for new boutiques in town, the popular men’s bathing suits, Vilebrequin, has opened a flagship store next to Bulgari (in place of Tod’s). Reef has opened a boutique across from Bijoux de la Mer, and on the same side of the street, Christiane Celle has opened an art gallery where magnificent works of art are on display.

In Pointe Milou, the Christopher Hotel, closed since it was sold last year, has reopened until May 31, 2009. The rooms are just as comfortable, but a lighter level of service means that the prices can be much lower. Its restaurant, Mango, is open for lunch every day except Sunday, with a selection of salads and grilled specialties by the celebrated chef, Wendy Wang.

Along the lagoon in Grand Cul-de-Sac, next to the Ouanalao Dive center, where the Gloriette used to be, O'Corail is a perfect spot to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner, as well as a seaside cocktail, as you enjoy the refreshing ocean breezes.

An Active UMP Federation of St. Barth

feteUMP Presided by Bruno Magras, the newly formed, yet already active UMP Federation of St. Barthélemy held a party on November 4 at the Wall House restaurant, in order to watch the victory of president-elect Barack Obama on a large screen TV. More than 150 people attended this event, which was organized by Christophe Beaupère, secretary of the Federation, and the right arm of Bruno Magras, president of the COM of St. Barth. Also helping was Stéphane Lanson, who is responsible for communications and public relations, and is the director of the St. Barth’s UMP magazine, the first issue of which was published in late October.

PfavreThe Federation has also initiated a series of conference; the first one, on the theme of “Parliamentary lobbying: myths and realities,” was led by Pascal Favre, president of the French Association of Parliamentary Collaborators, on November 8 in the meeting room at the Capitainerie in Gustavia. Additional information at www.umpsaintbarth.com.

Several American residents of St. Barth also decided to have election night parties with friends and family, such as Wendy and Dennis Carlton, the new owners of the Normandie Hotel, who offer their guests a happy hour cocktail around the pool every afternoon. “If McCain wins, we’ll be drinking even more,” Dennis said humorously, but fortunately that wasn’t the case…


Election Of The Multi-Professional Economic Chamber


Two slates were presented on the ballot for the members of the new Multi-Professionals Economic Chamber (CEM), elected on November 8. The slate, “Ensemble maîtrisons l’avenir économique de St-Barthélemy” (Building the economic future of St Barthélemy together) won seven seats (Francis Delage, Fabrice Galizzi, Jérôme Guinet Jean-Marc Gréaux, Pierre Kirscher, Alain Magras, Régis Pain) and the « L’union pour les professionnels de St-Barthélemy,” got five (Bernard Blancaneaux, Catherine Charneau, Bertrand Labouerie, Franck Ribot, Karine Sachot). Of the 803 potentail voters for this election, 370 came to cast a ballot, or 46.08% participation.

On November 12, the new group met at the Hotel of the Collectivity with president Bruno Magras in order to elect the officers of the board and the president of the CEM




Position at the CEM

Alain Magras


Ensemble maîtrisons l’avenir économique de St-Barthélemy

(Building the economic future of St Barthélemy)

President, commerce group

President of CEM

Régis Pain


Ensemble maîtrisons l’avenir économique de St-Barthélemy

President, industry group

Fabrice Galizzi


Ensemble maîtrisons l’avenir économique de St-Barthélemy

President, services group

Pierre Kirscher


Ensemble maîtrisons l’avenir économique de St-Barthélemy

President, independent professionals group

Jérôme Guinet


Ensemble maîtrisons l’avenir économique de St-Barthélemy

President, métiers group


Festivities of Swedish Week

semaine suédoise 2

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the twin cities of Saint Barth and Piteå in Sweden, as well as the 130th anniversary of the retrocession of the island to France from Sweden, ASBAS (St. Barth Friends of Sweden Association, whose president is Nils Dufau) organized a week of festivities in partnership with the Collectivity of St Barth, from November 15-23.

Approximately 50 Swedes came from the event, including 25 for the Gustavia Loppet, the musicians of the June Quintet, the dancers from the Royal Ballet Royal, and political personalities. Among them was Hélène Röckner, the mayor of Piteå, accompanied by municipal council member Hélèna Stenberg, as well as Brith Fält, a member of the executive council of Piteå, and Marina Nyman, the widow of Olle Nyman, former president of the St Barthélemy Skällskapet association, who passed away in 2006, plus Roger Richter, current president of that group, which is also called the Friends of St. Barth in Stockholm. Also invited was Astrid Ohlsen, production director of a Swedish TV station and director of a film about King Gustav III and Dag Söbderberg, who presented his publication, “The Illuminated Bible: The Book,” with texts from the Bible illustrated with modern photos to make it more accessible.

The Gustavia Loppet and Piteå Day, with its traditional schedule of activities (ceremony at the Swedish cemetery, fishing tournament, dominos, chess, beach volleyball, regatta for traditional sailboats, raffle) took place on November 16. The week was punctuated by various events: an exhibit of Arlette Magras’ historic photos and documents at Porta 34, a concert by the June Quintet, and film screenings at the Capitainerie during the first Swedish film and documentary festival, and a performance on the dock by dancers from the Royal Ballet in Stockholm, under the direction of Madeleine Onne.

semaine suédoise


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