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By Cécile Lucot
    Cécile Lucot has been living in St. Barths for 9 years. Originally from Bordeaux, this professional journalist has been the editor-in-chief of St-Barth Magazine for 6 years. She is actually a reporter for the daily local mini-newspaper "Today" and writes regularly for regional magazines such as Mer Caraïbes and Tropical, and once or twice a month presents a synthese of the local news on St. Barths Online.
  March 20, 2004 - #18
  Promoting the island, TV, and tourism trade fairs

Lisa Pierpoint, director of "Chronicle," a news magazine show produced by WCVB-TV, the ABC affiliate in Boston, MA, brought her crew to Saint -Barth last January to shoot a 30-minute program about the island. From images of the countryside to the beaches, as well as the streets and stores of Gustavia, the program also includes interviews with local celebs such as Marius Stakelborough, owner of Le Select, and Jeet Singh, singer of the rock group, Dragonfly, who also has a house in Gouverneur (which explains his connection to Saint-Barth). The show is scheduled to air in the next few months on WCVB, Channel 5 in Boston.

Next up was Gilles Mouroux, producer of "History of the Islands" who was in Saint-Barth who was in Saint-Barth for a week with director Emmanuel Urtado. "History of the Islands" is a series of 26-minute documentaries whose goal is to present a deeper view of various islands than just their beaches and typical tourist activities. The scenario calls for a three to four minute intro with pictures taken from the air, followed by three main subjects intercut with three shorter, two to three minute topics. Among those interviewed were Franciane Gréaux, director of the Marine Park, who spoke about protection of the underwater flora and fauna, and Daniel Blanchard, who presents the Swedish history of Gustavia by way of a walking tour through town. Other subjects range from the environment to tourism and a look at traditional fishing. "History of the Islands" is aired exclusively on TV5, the French co-producer of the program. The episode about Saint-Barth should be aired sometime this summer.

In conjunction with Town Hall, the Saint-Barth Hotel Association had a stand in the French pavilion at a tourism fair held in Milan, last February 14-17. This is the first time that the associaton took part in this annual event, at which the French Caribbean islands were special guests this year. It seems as if Saint-Barth is not very well known as a vacation destination among Italians in spite of the fact that many Italians come to the island during the summer season. New contacts with travel agents and tour operators should help increase awareness about Saint-Barth with Italian tourists.

A second promotional event was the New York Times Travel Show, held on February 27-29. The Hotel Associatio had a stand with representatives of six of the island's hotels (Carl Gustaf, Isle de France, François Plantation, Village Saint-Jean, Saint-Barth Beach Hôtel, and Residence Yuana Les Lataniers) as well as a representative of the real estate agency, > Saint-Barth Properties. The project was funded 100% by the Hotel Association. Saint-Barth was the only French Caribbean islands represented at the event. The island is well-known and appreciated in the New York, by tourists and tourism professionals alike. During a meeting about travel in the Caribbean, when a journalist was asked which island she liked best, she replied that Saint-Barth was the prettiest and most romantic.

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