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    Cécile Lucot has been living in St. Barths for 9 years. Originally from Bordeaux, this professional journalist has been the editor-in-chief of St-Barth Magazine for 6 years. She is he press agent for Jeet Singh and his rock group Dragonfly. She writes regularly for regional magazines such as Mer Caraïbes and Tropical, and once or twice a month presents a synthese of the local news on St. Barths Online.
  October 4, 2003 - #7
  Sous-Prefect Patrice Latron Leaves The Northern Islands
  A cocktail party was held at the Sous-Prefecture late Friday afternoon, September 26, to honor the departure of the Sous-Prefect for the Northern Islands. By staying in this post for 39 months, Patrice Latron broke all longevity records for the position, as the average tour of duty for the government representative of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barth passant is 20 months. In his farewell speech, Patrice Latron said he had enjoyed "three wonderful years" and stressed "the strength and warmth of the open and direct relationships" he had made with the citizens of Saint-Barth. During his three-year stint, the sous-prefect was particularly interested in environmental issues and had organized round-table discussions that resulted in the creation of new rules and regulations concerning Saint Barth's Marine Park. Patrice Latron will now be posted at the Overseas Ministry in Paris where he will be in charge of the civil security problems caused by hurricanes. His successor Maurice Michaud, who arrived from Marseille on October 1, had been responsible for the prevention of forest fires in the Bouches-du-Rhone region. This will be his fourth posting as a Sous-Prefect.
  The Fish Market Now Open
  The Espace Gambier was a busy place on Saturday morning, September 27 as the new fish market opened (see news item number six). More than 250 people stopped by to purchase freshly caught tuna and mahi-mahi. The local government has decided to manage the operation of the building, allowing the island's fishermen to use it free of charge, once a list of official fishermen allowed to sell there had been established. On the opening morning, the fishermen said they were happy that the new market had opened, as in the past they were obliged to sell their fish on the roadside. How have times changed since the days when pick-up trucks were parked next to Le Select with hand-written signs announcing the price of the fish... At present, the market is open Monday through Saturday from 6:00am to 6:00pm, and on Sunday from 6:00am to 12 noon, but all fishermen are not there every day: the daily catch depends on seasonal conditions.
With the new market open, one must not forget Fernand's fish market at the bottom of the hill near Camaruche. Fernand Pineau and Olivier Laplace, two fishermen from the windward side of the island, have fished together since 1989 and sell their catch of the day (fish and lobsters) on Monday through Saturday, starting at 10:30am, as soon as they get back from the sea.
   DSL Coming Soon To Saint Barth
  We been hoping that DSL would be available for the past two years, and finally Philippe Dutertre, the director France Télécom for the Northern Islands has confirmed that this high-speed digital Internet connection (that also leaves the phone line free for calls) will be available in early October in St Barth. At first, only subscribers connected to the phone relay in Gustavia will be able to take advantage of the "Asymetric Digital Subscriber Line." Those connected to the island's second relay in Lorient must wait a few more months. One must meet several conditions to get this high-speed connection including a telephone line, and for the time being, be located within five kilometers of the telephone relay. It is also necessary to purchase a special external ADSL modem and to choose one of three high-speed connection options, with the reception speed always two to three times faster than the emission speed. While ADSL is on its way to St Barth, there are still several hurdles to get over before all of France Telecom's subscribers on the island can benefit from this new technology.
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