WINAIR - General Information


We recommend that you arrive at the airport to check in at a minimum of ninety (90) minutes prior to your scheduled time of departure. Check-in closes thirty (30) minutes before departure. WINAIR reserves the right to cancel the reservations of any passenger who does not check-in at least sixty minutes (60) prior to the scheduled or posted departure time of the flight.

Passengers who have checked-in for a flight and have received a boarding pass must present themselves at the departure gate and be ready to board their flight no later than thirty (30) minutes prior to departure. Passengers not in the boarding area by this specified time prior to scheduled departure are subject to seat cancellation.


Traveling on the WINAIR network is considered International travel. All customers are required to present proof of identity such as a valid government issued photo ID and proof of citizenship such as a passport at the WINAIR check-in counter. Passengers must keep proper documentation on their person during travel. It is the passenger's responsibility to ensure that they have in their possession the correct documents needed for travel to any destination. Passengers must also be in possession of a copy of their itinerary as proof of their onward or return journey.


The free baggage allowance applicable to an adult passenger and children whose fare is at least 50% of the adult fare will be one piece at no more than 23 kilos or 50 pounds. Infants are allowed one piece at 10 kilo's of free baggage allowance. Air Safety Regulations do not permit the carriage of cabin baggage within the passenger cabin unless its dimensions permit it to be stored under the passenger seat. Each adult or child passenger is permitted one standard piece of carry on luggage subject to a maximum weight of 3 kilos or 6 pounds . Maximum size, cabin baggage templates are available at some check-in desks.

In addition to the free baggage allowance a passenger may carry free of charge, any of the personal articles listed below:


Note: An infant carrying basket or bassinet will not be transported in the aircraft cabin unless the size of the basket or the bassinet will permit it being secured by a seat belt and a seat is reserved for the infant and a child's fare paid. Cabin bags, briefcases, ladies vanity or cosmetic cases are not included in the free personal articles list. These items and others which do not visibly accord with the description of personal articles must be weighed and such weight included in the total baggage weight.

Extra pieces of baggage (that is pieces in excess of the above allowance) will be subject to excess baggage charges and will only be accepted on a space available (standby) basis. Perishable items will not be accepted as standby baggage.

Baggage taken on a standby basis will be accepted with the understanding that WINAIR is not liable for delays in the transportation of the baggage to its destination. Also WINAIR will not accept responsibility for the customs clearance and/or the ground transportation cost incurred by passengers for the collection of stand by baggage.

The following are the charges and fees to be applied to overweight, oversized and excess baggage.


Checked bags 50 lbs/23kg or less 51-70 lbs/23-32kg Oversized
First checked bag Free $25.00 $50.00
Second bag $40.00 $65.00 $85.00
Third-Ninth bag $50.00 $90.00 $105.00

Overweight Bag Fee:
Will apply to all passengers who's single baggage weight is 51 to 70 pounds.

Oversized Bag Fee:
Any item of baggage exceeding the overal dimensions of 62in. or 157cm. Must fit baggage hold door.

Extra Bag Fee:
Each item of baggage in excess of the one allowable piece.

All charges are calculated on a one-way basis and must be collected on check-in.

Depending on the journey involved, the Most Significant Airline taking in the journey, baggage allowances and charges will apply. IATA Resolution 302 applies in this case


Checked bags 50 lbs/23kg or less 51-70 lbs/23-32kg Oversized
First checked bag Free $40.00 $60.00
Second bag $60.00 $100.00 $120.00
Third-Ninth bag $100.00 $150.00 $200.00

Security Tips

Please be aware that both your checked baggage and carry-on baggage may be subjected to security screening. There are some items which are prohibited in carry on baggage and some items which are prohibited in checked baggage. Generally you are prohibited from carrying dangerous goods, restricted items such as flammable liquids, compressed gases, corrosive, magnetised or radioactive materials, toxic and infectious substances and sharp or other dangerous objects which could be used as weapons aboard the aircraft.

To avoid delays during the passenger screening process, we recommend that you place items such as jewellery, keys, cell phones etc. in your carry on baggage and not on your person. Pack appropriately to avoid inconvenience and delays at security check points.

Pets & Service Animals

Pets are defined as dogs, cats and domestic birds. WINAIR will only accept pets for carriage in the aircraft checked baggage compartment. Prior notice of at least forty-eight hours must be given to WINAIR for the carriage of pets and confirmation must be received from Winair. Transportation of pets require import/export licenses and veterinary clearances.

Service animals trained to assist customers with mobility, visual and hearing disabilities may be accepted in the cabin at no charge. Medical documentation may be required stating that the passenger must have the animal with them. The service animal will occupy the floor space where the passenger sits and cannot obstruct an aisle or areas that must remain clear in case of an emergency evacuation.

Booking Changes

WINAIR fares are non-refundable. Passengers are allowed to change their reservations up to Six hours before the scheduled departure time of their intended flight. Online changes can be made at a charge of USD25.00 per segment plus any difference in fare. Changes made by contacting WINAIR at winair.sbh@wanadoo.fr or by calling St. Barths WINAIR at 011-590-590-276-101 or by fax 011-590-590-291-549.

Bookings that are cancelled at least Six hours before the scheduled time of departure may qualify for some portion of credit. Application for a credit of the unused portion of a booking can be made by contacting us at winair.sbh@wanadoo.fr or by calling St. Barths WINAIR at 011-590-590-276 or by fax 011-590-590-291-549.

If you do not cancel at least Six hours prior to the scheduled departure time of your flight, do not show up for your flight, or do not board the aircraft for any reason your reservations will be automatically cancelled and you will forfeit the value of your reservations.

Connecting Flights

Winair would like to inform and advise their clients and passengers of the following policies .These relate specifically to connecting to or from Winair flights and or to with cooperating major carriers (Interline Passenger) or as a Independent air travel passenger (Separate air ticket)

Please take note of the following:
Interline Passengers
Passengers that have a through international joint fare E-ticket
(One ticket including the airline connecting to or from Winair) hereafter referred to as Interline Passenger

Interline Passengers having the above documentation can utilize the services of having their baggage checked thru to their final destination with the required minimum connecting time between the 2 airlines.

The following airlines are carriers that have an Interline E-ticketing Agreement with Winair

The following connecting times apply as follows’
Connecting to Winair
US Airways - 60 Minutes
Air France - 60 Minutes
All other Carriers - 90 Minutes

Connecting from Winair to partner carrier
US Airways - 90 Minutes
Air France - 120 Minutes
All other Carriers - 150 Minutes

Independent Air Travel Passenger “Separate Air Ticket Policy”
Passengers that have purchased separate air tickets on Winair and a Separate ticket on a major airliner, do not qualify or are not eligible to having their luggage transferred automatically to their final destination.

Winair clients and passengers should first clear immigration at their connecting point, collect their luggage and proceed to the Winair or other airline counter to be checked in for your next flight.

Allow maximum time as this process takes much longer time-wise. Some recommended times are posted below:
To Winair - 150 Minutes
From Winair - 180 Minutes

Winair would like to emphasize that during peak hours from 12PM to 5PM, the airports usually get very congested and the process for clearing immigration and security take longer than usual.

Winair advises and informs all Independent air travel passengers traveling on separate tickets that as per our conditions of contract, Winair assumes no liability or responsibility for any misconnections caused due to but not limited to delay’s, air traffic delays Etc.

Should customers have any further questions prior to travel, please do contact us at winair.sbh@wanadoo.fr