Soleil Caraïbe Rent-A-Car

SOLEIL CARAIBE allows you to be stressless with your car rental: the 'Collision and damage' insurance is now included and free of charge starting 7 days and more #WEBCDW1


  • rewards your "Loyalty" with lifetime discount #LOYREW2
  • authorizes HOURLY RATE for your one-day visit on our beautiful island #DAYTRIP3
  • offers you a real FULL INSURANCE coverage by waiving totally the deductible #WAIVER4
  • it is from dawn to sunset, with our accommodation partners #PACKAGE5


  • is a 100% St-Bart agency, which is open since more than 30 years now.
  • has a professional team, where each employee has strong skills in the car rental sector on St Bart Island.
  • is the only car rental agency who takes picture of their cars, at time of rental and at time of return, in order to minimize any damage claim and rental dispute.

To quickly take advantage of one of our offers, contact us via the form on this website. Do not forget to specify the "#PROMOCODE" of the advantage you like!

1 The Collision and Damage insurance comes with a unwaivable deductible. This offer cannot be cumulated with the One-day Trip rate, the Weekly rate, the Loyalty Reward Discount, neither for category Q (ATV) nor during Xmas Time.
2 As long as you get registered as a SOLEIL authorized Driver in our database for the 2 past years, you are granted by a lifetime 10% “Loyalty Reward Discount” on ours PUBLICS rates only, for all your future rentals with our agency.
3 DAYTRIP rate (10 hours rental maximum) = 5 € to 10 € less on our public rates.
4 We are the only car rental agency to propose a deductible buster, which allows you to reduce the deductible of any car category to 0 €, meaning ZERO EURO of potential damage to pay. This waiver is not available during Xmas Time.
5 The Partner has to do the booking for you in order to be considerated as a package. Package “Car + Hotel” is available with SUNSET HOTEL and AUBERGE DE LA PETITE ANSE. Package “Weekly Rate + 10% discount” is available with Barnes Real Estate Agency, Destination St Barth Agency and Villas Mahogany, Good Morning, Les 2 Poissons.