Over the past 30 years, Sibarth Real Estate has developed the most trustworthy reputation in real estate services and advice in St Barth. Allow our team of respected professionals to guide you through your real estate transactions with discretion, equity and honesty. At Sibarth Real Estate, our vocation as realtors is to keep our clients best interest at heart and to build a long-term relationship based on confidence and trust. It is our determined commitment to accompany our clients throughout every step of their real estate transactions, providing them with information, guidance and to educate them about the real estate market.

With the ever increasing international clientele, Sibarth Real Estate has developed an extensive program to aid foreign purchasers in every aspect of their investment, including in-house, professional translation, specialized legal support and much more. Clients having worked with Sibarth Real Estate attest to the professionalism and total competence of a company with more than 30 years of experience. Gaining the client’s trust and confidence is their number one objective.

In addition, Sibarth Real Estate boasts an exclusive affiliation with leading, luxury real estate mogul Christie’s International Real Estate, and several other elite partners.

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