Arnaud Daniel: qualified therapist

St Barts Island

Only a qualified therapist can give a true massage. The French Massage Physiotherapist Diploma guaranties the quality of the massage. Licensed Massage Therapist since 1990 Arnaud DANIEL lives and works in the island of st barts from 2001. He is one of the most graduated for differents types of massages:

  • Deep Tissue
  • Therapeutic
  • Relaxing
  • sport(stretching)
  • personal training
  • aquagym
  • XBody

« After 10 years around the world close to the ocean, I discover saint barth and find the perfect balance between work , family life and Ocean » arnaud Daniel said: Welcome on the best island in the world.

Massage and Coaching

  • Deep tissue massage
the perfect massage for muscles and joints
one hour or one and half hour.

  • Relaxing massage
use after a long travel or just for relax time
one hour.

  • Therapeutic massage
use for differents pains :shoulder,back,neck,legs,arms. mix physiotherapist technics ,stretching,deep tissue.
one hour or one and half hour.

  • Stretching massage
very good after gym or water sport session session.
one hour.

  • Well being massage
a mix between deep tissue ans relaxing massage.
one hour or one hour and half massage.

  • Personal training
one to one or couple. abdos,legs,arms, and cardio training stretching at the end of the session.
one hour of exercices.

  • Aquagym
one to one, couple, max 5 people. the same type of exercices in the pool, perfect for joints and muscles, no pain no arthrosis.
one hour.

  • Yoga
the professional staff deliver. the perfect yoga session. one to one, couple max 4 people.
one hour.

all activities by appointment , on location.

Healthy Week

  • Relaxing week
3h relaxing massage, 2h personal training.

  • Energy week
2h therapeutic massage, 3h personal training.


  • facial
  • manucure
  • pedicure
  • body scrub
  • waxing