Le Barthelemy

Hotel Le Barthelemy

Timeless elegance

Gracefully lining the beach of one of St Barts most scenic bays, the Barthelemy hotel embraces its guests into the heart of this beautiful setting with warmth and authenticity. Revel in its familial atmosphere, where all your wants and desires are attentively taken care of.

Facing the sublime bay of Grand Cul de Sac, The Barthelemy Hôtel & Spa is built on the isthmus that divides the two parts of this turquoise lagoon. With this unique setting, it offers a double aspect from which to enjoy the emblematic panoramas of St Barts: lush nature and the seascape. From this St Barts hotel, conveniently located on the Atlantic coast of the island, head to Gustavia on the Caribbean coast, or any other beautiful beach, in a few minutes by car.

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Grand Cul de Sac

St. Barths Reservations

If you take it upon yourself to contact us well in advance, planning a vacation to the most exclusive destination in the Caribbean can be stress-free.
Bookings for stays during the liveliest times in St Barts (year-end celebrations, the high season in winter, various international events) must be made several months, or even a year in advance