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St Jean Beach

St. Jean Beach - St Barts Island St. Jean actually has two beaches, separated by Eden Rock Hotel.

St Barts Island History - Gustavia - Saint-Barths - French Caribbean Island

St. Barts island history Discovered by Columbus in 1493, and named for his brother Bartolomeo, St. Barths was first settled in 1648 by French colonists from the nearby island of St. Kitts. This original settlement was not a grand success, and, in 1651, the i...

St Barts Visitor's Guide

Visitor's Guide Villa Rentals Personal Advisor With so many villas to choose from we offer this complimentary concierge service to finding the perfect villa for your stay on St. Barths. St. Barts Webcam Take a real-time peek at what’s happening in St B...

Maps of St Barts - Caribbean

Gaz stations Aéroport Lorient ATM Aéroport Gustavia Gustavia Gustavia Lorient Health Pharmacie St-Jean Pharmacie Gustavia Pharmacie Gustavia Hôpital Gustavia Post offices La Poste Aéroport La Poste Lorient La Poste Gus...

St Barts Webcam

Webcam From the top of Lurin in St Barts French West Indies, the view includes the airstrip, St-Jean's Bay and salt pond, islands to the north, and, on a very clear day, a glimpse of Anguilla on the horizon. Live from Villa Au Soleil

Villa Vitti

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Villa Princess X | PRX

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Villa Domingue

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Villa Nocean

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Villa Palm Springs

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