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Serial Divers

SERIAL DIVERS DIVING CENTER We are a husband and wife team, and we are both proud to have the highest level of French diving certificates...

Villa Casaroc Villa Casaroc

Location: Gustavia   :

Bienvenue à la Villa Casaroc : Villa Casaroc  est un magnifique havre de paix pour les couples ou les petites familles qui recherchent une ...

Entourage Villas

TAILOR MADE CONCIERGE SERVICES Allow our savvy team of St Barths aficionados to arrange for you, your friends and family the most authe...

St Barts Island History - Gustavia - Saint-Barths - French Caribbean Island

St. Barts island history Discovered by Columbus in 1493, and named for his brother Bartolomeo, St. Barths was first settled in 1648 by French colonists from the nearby island of St. Kitts. This original settlement was not a grand success, and, in 1651, the i...

Villa The View Villa The View

Location: Colombier   :

The View, two minutes from the center of Gustavia offers breathtaking views of the islands of St Eustatius and Saba, Gustavia and harbor. Very private luxury villa with contemporary charm and Caribbean. DESCRIPTION Situation Colombier, 5 minutes from Gustavia, 5 minutes from the airport and St....

Villa Palm Springs Villa Palm Springs

Location: Lurin   :

The villa Palm Springs is located in Lurin, just minutes from downtown Gustavia has a view over the islands of St. Maarten and Saba. This contemporary villa with 4 bedrooms offers a spectacular sight at sunset. DESCRIPTION Situation Lurin, 2 minutes from Gustavia, 5 minutes from the airport and...

Villa Arc En Ciel Villa Arc En Ciel

Location: Anse des Lezards   :

It will be difficult to find a similar villa, which includes: total privacy, a spectacular view, spacious, living, dining, bedroom, terrace... a few minutes from Gustavia and Saint Jean...The villa is overlooking the ocean and Ance des Lezards This spacious, mexican style, villa has a fantastic ...

Villa Eole Villa Eole

Location: Saint Jean   :

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