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 Gustavia at  nightFor those in search of an active and glittering night life, the choices in St Barts are few.

There is no real movie house, but on many Saturday nights, local folk assemble at the A.J.O.E. tennis court in Lorient to watch a recent movie, usually dubbed in French, that is projected on a huge painted concrete wall. Serve yourself chairs, and a stand for popcorn, hot dogs and cold drinks.

Video cassettes and DVDs can be rented at a number of locations for movies at home; many hotels and villas offer English speaking satellite television programs.

Sailors and locals gather most evenings for tall stories and beer at Le Select, a favored hangout in Gustavia. Sometimes there is live music.

Some restaurants have an independent cocktail bar. They have a lively ambiance and sometimes propose live entertainment till midnight or 1 AM during the high season. Bête à Z'Ailes, La Plage, "Nikki Beach" and le Ti St Barth are among these.

The "Yacht Club" with its "Live Screen Concerts" on Gustavia Harbor, and "Casa Nikki" also in Gustavia, as well as "Le Feeling", in Lurin, provide mind altering drinks, ear-shattering disco music, a dance floor, and a chance to catch someone's eye across a crowded room.

During the music and film festivals, there is somewhere interesting to go every night, and, now and then, the sky overhead explodes in celebration of some public or private event.

All this having been said, year after year, the most popular nighttime experience on St Barts remains comfortable and leisurely dining.

A unique concept and atypical in St Barts: sushi, sashimi, yakitori, maki rolls and other; An exceptional sushimen. Memorable evenings at the sound of Modern Soul music. Come and share these moments with family, friends or couples. The atmosphere is relaxed and if you like dancing in the early evening is the perfect place. Le BAZ bar

Gustavia, Live Music and Sushi Bar

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