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Getting to St. Barts by Air

Commercial flights

The principal gateway to St. Barts (SBH) is through Juliana Airport in nearby Dutch St Maarten, where flights arrive daily from both the USA and Europe.

USAIR, Delta, Continental, American Airlines, United Airlines and JetBlue have direct flight to St Maarten Juliana (SXM) from the USA: Philadelphia, PA; Charlotte, NC; Chicago, IL; Atlanta, GA; Miami, FL; San Juan, PR; New York and Newark.

Air France, Alitalia, and KLM have regular flights to St Maarten and Guadeloupe from Europe.

From South America Copa Airlines and Gol Airlines have flight to St. Maarten.

From St Maarten (SXM), Winair and St Barth Commuter, make the ten minute shuttle flights to St Barts (SBH).

From Guadeloupe, Air Antilles Express offers a few direct flights to St Barts (50 minutes) and others via St Marteen departing at times meant to accommodate the arrival of the bigger planes from Europe.

The airstrip in St Barts is small, and pilots are required to have special training to land. For many, the landing, especially on a windy day, is an adventure in itself.

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Saint Jean Airport
Phone: 05 90 27 61 01
Phone: 05 90 29 15 49
Web site: Winair
Online reservation: Winair online reservation

St Barth Commuter

Saint Jean Airport
Phone : + (590) 590 27 54 54
Fax : + (590) 590 27 54 58
Web site: St Barth Commuter
Online reservation: St Barth Commuter online reservation


Airport of Saint Jean
Phone: 05 90 29 62 79



Airport of Saint Jean
Phone: 05 90 87 14 80
Fax: 05 90 27 95 63



Princess Juliana International Airport, St. Martin
Phone: (599) 545 2001
Fax: (599) 545 2224



Tel: 800 376 7922 (001 203 267 3305)


Private flight

The landing runway is 2170 feet long, and the approach, from either direction, is often plagued by varying degrees of turbulence. As a result, the French aviation authorities require that a special permit be issued to any pilot who intends to land in St. Barts.

Those planning to land in St Barts will have to land in Grand Case, French St Martin, first, in order to get their qualification. St Barts Control tower (Telephone: 590 590 27 65 33 - Fax: 590 590 27 98 96 ) will tell you how to contact a French instructor for certification. It takes a couple of hours, and includes touch-and-go in both directions. Don't do it on a windy day with a hangover.

The landing fee varies from 8.5 Euros to 12.5 Euros, and parking fee is 5.5 Euros/ night.

There are no mechanic nor fuel on the field. Best nearby place for that is at Grand Case Airport in St. Martin. No fuel is available during their long lunch hour.

When you arrive or depart, you are required to deposit a General Declaration form with the immigration officer at the door and file a flight plan : call (+590) 590 27 65 33 or fax (+590) 590 27 98 96.

If you do not own your own airplane and want the feeling of arriving in a private aircraft, locally based charter flights are available.

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