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Several hotels are equipped with fitness clubs and air-conditioned rooms complete with sophisticated equipment. Some accept outsiders, others limit the use of these facilities to guests.

Three independant fitness clubs, Form Fitness on the road to Lurin coming from Gustavia, St Barth Gym in Cul de Sac and Atmosphere, already well-attended by a local clientele, welcomes visitors. Gymnastics also leads to bodybuilding for a minority of big muscle fans.

The popularity of Spas and massages is consistant with the notion that St Barts is a place where people come to relax. Hotel Spas do welcome outsiders.

Yoga teachers can provide you with another approach to body and mind balance, through hata-yoga at beautiful outdoor sites that, in themselves, inspire a natural concentration.

Judo and Tae Kwon Do are practised on the island by numerous amateur groups who take part in competitions at regional level.

Archery has its own club of enthusiasts and recently, our St. Barts Basketball Club has made a hit amoung our youngsters. Kids in vacation on the island are welcome to join while in St. Barts.

A sporty atmosphere naturally hovers over the island thanks to the repeated efforts of the municipality and local associations, who organise competitions and friendly tournaments. Football and rugby gather many players in numerous teams playing on the new stadium in St-Jean. Every summer, an important volley-ball tournament is held with around twenty teams of 6 players who testy their skills, while beach-volley matches for 2 or 3 player teams are organised every Sunday on various beaches. You are welcome to take part... or to cheer them on.

Arnaud Daniel Massage

Phone number: +(590) 690 53 44 88
Website: Arnaud Daniel

Spa Sisley

Phone number: +(590) 590 276 363
Inquire: Spa Sisley

Beauty at Home

Tel: 0590 52 24 58
Portable: 0690 46 40 04

SPA by Carita

Hôtel Carl Gustaf, Gustavia
Tel: 0590 29 79 00
Fax: 0590 27 82 37

Excellence des sens

Cour Vendôme, Gustavia
Tel: 0590 29 48 10


Grand Cul-de-Sac
Tel: 0590 52 90 36

Institut Venus Spa

Chamade Building, rue de la République, Gustavia
Tel: 0590 27 59 46
Fax: 0590 29 87 40

Ligne St. Barth

Route de Saline, Lorient
Tel: 0590 27 82 63
Fax: 0590 27 70 93

Little Spa

Route de Saline, Saint-Jean
Tel: 0590 29 19 57

Nail's Studio

Tel: 0690 59 06 95

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