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Where to stay on St. Barts island ?

The wide range of accommodations in St Barts comprises 70% luxury villas and 30% hotels. In contrast to most other Caribbean tourist destinations, St Barth has an extremely active rental market for private villas, cottages, and apartments.

The local authorities were smart and understood a long time ago that large-scale development was not in keeping with the size of the island, and seriously controlled the scale and style of building permits for hotels. As a result the island’s hotels are intimate, with a relaxed ambiance and natural elegance.

Prices range from moderate to extremely expensive, with a corresponding level of service, from good to excellent. From mid-December to mid-April, prices are considered “high-season,” and decrease considerably in “low season,” during the summer. However the prices go up and are the most expensive during the Christmas holiday season.

Villa Rentals by Owner

For the past several years, the St Barts villa rental market has continued to expand, with an inventory of almost 850 high-quality villas available for seasonal rental. They are finely appointed and designed to appeal to a clientele seeking a private, personalized vacation experience.

Villa Rentals Personal Advisor

With so many villas to choose from we offer this complimentary concierge service to finding the perfect villa for your stay on St. Barths. Our advisors are available to guide you through this process.

Villa Rentals by Agency

Allow our Official Agency to arrange for you, your friends and family the most authentic and unforgettable St Barths experience imaginable. Just paint a picture in your mind and leave the rest to us.

Hotels and Resorts

Approximately 30 hotels, from simple to high luxury, represent close to 500 rooms. Most offer all of the services one expects at a quality hotel, but on a smaller scale as only three of these establishments have over 40 rooms, while most have closer to 20.

Cottages and Bungalows

Small clusters of cottages, often family run, can have a very personal character. Very popular, these cottages fill an intermediate category between hotel and villa, yet always with a touch of St Barts style.

Rental agencies

There are quite a few agencies that specialize in luxury villa rentals in St Barts. Agency staff will work with you to find the perfect villa that meets all of your needs.

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