Reserve a car
in St Barts

Having a car is essential for visiting St Barts and getting you from your place of stay to one of the island’s beaches or to your preferred restaurant. Happily, there are several car rental companies available in St Barts. Though the island is quite small. From anywhere on the island, you can get to any other part in less than 20-minute drive. Any valid driver's license will do, and for those used to smooth, wide and level roads, the business of driving on St Barts can be an adventure in itself.

Should you wish, we can arrange for a Mini Cooper, Jeep, convertible or quad to be at your disposal as soon as you get off the plane. Unless, of course, you would prefer to have a driver for the duration of your stay who can take you to Gustavia and fill the trunk with all of your purchases!

We recommend that you book your means of transportation on the island well in advance through us. Our unique relationship with the various rental services allows us to guarantee the availability of your preferred vehicle, even during the busiest of times.

Private Chauffeur

We can also arrange a taxi, 24h hours a day, to comfortably take you from your place of stay to any destination on the island at any time.