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Memorable evenings at the sound of Modern Soul music. Come and share these moments with family, friends or couples. The atmosphere is relaxed and if you like dancing in the early evening is the perfect place.


KJ Denhert

10th Anniversary of Bazbar

KJ Denhert

Mary - Live in Bazbar

KJ Denhert

Lalala - Live in Bazbar

Martha Redbone

10' Anniversary of Bazbar

Martha Redbone

Rock - Live in Bazbar

Bob Syvarth

Fire in Brooklyn - Live in Bazbar

Dana & Vlad

You can make some great things - Live in Bazbar

KJ Denhert

I don't think so - Live in Bazbar

Lipbone Redding

Party on the fire escape - Live in Bazbar

Tomas Doncker Band

Power - Live in Bazbar

Work of Art

Live in Bazbar

Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffett at BAZ bar in St. Barts for LeSelect's 60th Anniversary.

KJ Denhert

KJ Denhert Live at BAZ bar in 2007 with a genre-transcending sound that she calls “Urban Folk & Jazz”.

KJ Denhert

Watch KJ Denhert perform LIVE at the Baz Bar in St. Barts - it was amazing !