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Welcome to Le Bête à Z'Ailes - Sushi bar - St Barts

Not a day goes by without the question:

- "What does beast with wings mean?"

The beast with wings, local slang designating:
- A flying fish or a fregate bird according to local fishermen...
- A fast traditional sail boat or fishing boat according to others...
- A person also ; indeed this local nickname fits all.

Those french people from abroad and other residents who, through the years came and settled their nests on this beautiful island...

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Sushi Bar

A unique concept and atypical in St Barts: sushi, sashimi, yakitori, maki rolls and other; An exceptional sushimen.

Music Live

Live Music Events at Baz Bar: Jimmy Buffett, KJ Denhert, Martha Redbone, Evan Goodrow...

And Have Fun...

Photos gallery evenings at Baz Bar in St Barts but also sailing dream, friends, musicians ...