ASB the grocers in your neighborhood

With an experience and a knowledge handed down from 5 generations of grocers in Saint Barths for over a century, ASB is driven in its search for Progress and Innovation in the field of food. Today, with an established partnership of 150 suppliers from France, USA and Canada, ASB places at the core of its business Preservation and High Quality of a large choice of products.

Number one in food distributions on the island, ASB’s top priority is to always seek the customer’s respect and satisfaction. ASB favors a personalized earing in all its 5 proximity grocery stores and supermarkets either in town or in countryside and its specialized wine and spirit shop.

Le Libre Service The Self Service, Gustavia

Open in 1962, it was the first and only self-service store during many years to offer fresh and
dried products in St Barth’s.

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La supérette de l'AéroportThe Airportsuperette, St Jean

Open in year 2000, located on the main road facing the airport, it’s a passageway that
cannot be overlooked.

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Le Minimart The Minimart, Lorient

Open in 1995, friendly little shop, located in the area of Lorient.

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L'épicerie de la PlaceThe Grocery Stores, Anse Des Cayes

Open since 1999 in Anse des Cayes, it’s the smallest store of the ASB company, but where
shopping rhymes with pleasure.

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Le Cellier du Gouverneur The Cellier du Gouverneur, Gustavia

At the Cellier du Gouverneur, Gustavia's premier wine shop, Thierry and Frederic offer their
customers reliable experience, unfailing passion and sheer genius for the art of selling fine
wines, spirits, and champagnes.

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The AMC Warehouses, Public

Open in 1987 the AMC warehouses fresh and dry goods are the most important warehouses
of the food in distribution on the island, they occupied a storage place of 1000m2 and 12
cold storages rooms such storage capacity permits:

  • A distribution towards all the food professionals: restaurants, bread bakers, pastry
    cooks, caterers, yachts, retail shops from the company ASB and outside of the
  • A quick rotation of their stocks assuring the quality of their products.
  • Weekly full containers that provides savings in terms of freight and competitive

That way the team can acquire a thorough (extensive) knowledge of the island needs and of certain logistic supply restrictions.
Also their geographic situation privileged those near the commercially port permits them to be the only wholesalers in general food distribution to accede to the containers directly towards their own unloading platform avoiding all rupture of the cold chain and assuring a minimum of manipulation : this preserving the state and quality of the products.