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A Visitor's Guide
    Feb 9, 2001

    Dear Visitors,

    You have probably read or heard that the island of Saint-Barthélemy has been facing a water shortage since the beginning of the year.
    Because of the lack of rain since mid-December and the profusion of tourism, the desalinization plant cannot meet the demand for water.
    But, no hotel has closed or will close.
    A spirit of cooperation has developed between hotels owning desalinization plants, other individuals who have water, and those who do not.
    A printed guide about how to help conserve water during your stay has been distributed in every hotel room.
    Don't worry, swimming pools are full !
    Even though this water shortage is a real problem for the island, we remain very optimistic about its outcome.

    Yours Sincerely,

Marithé WEBER