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The sheer beauty and variety of the landscapes in St Barts is surprising, with long beaches of fine white sand, infinite shades of blue in natural coves, craggy cliffs that shimmer in the sun, savannas shaded by latanier palms, salt flats that reflect the color of the sky… This volcanic island without any rivers forced the population to adapt to its rigors in order to here live comfortably. Fresh water in St Barts comes from a desalination plant or large cisterns built into villas and hotels to collect rainwater. Thus water is a valuable resource to be used carefully.

Local politicians and population have made a concerted effort to help protect the environment. Household trash is separated for recycling before it is incinerated, the beaches are cleaned regularly, and the Marine Park staff helps build awareness for the island’s students. Various associations also play a role in protecting nature by organizing cleanup efforts on land and at sea. Hiking trails maintained by the Collectivity allow the discovery of breathtaking vistas of the ocean and neighboring islands, as well as the multi-colored tropical flora, and land creatures such as iguanas and turtles that turn up unexpectedly. Look closely… St Barts has a lot to reveal…


Even before the ecology became a leading concern of the 21st century, St Barts has tried to preserve its environment. The creation of a marine park, separating and recycling household trash before incineration, cisterns under houses to collect rainwater, incentives to use low-energy light bulbs, protection of the salt flats…all gestures that can be considered the first steps in protecting the ecosystems of the island.


To introduce the flora of St. Barths, we offer a selection:

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