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Hiking and Horseback riding

Provided that you choose heavy-sole shoes, wear a hat and sun-screen and take a bottle of water, hiking is a good way to discover St. Barts. The most famous path will take you from Petite Anse to the stunning bay of Colombier in fifteen minutes walk. That beach can only be access by sea otherwise. But you can also climb up to the top of the island, Mount Vitet, 286 meters high, or you can tour the Toiny Point... Vegetation on various windward places grows like bonzaïs, tough tiny trees leaning away from many years of strong gusts of wind. The dry forest shelters botanical treasures, orchids, rare cactuses, beds of white lilies... But you shoud be aware that all the lands being private, you can sometimes be kindly asked to walk back on your steps by owners not willing to see their properties trespassed. The Tourist bureau has a small document showing some hiking itineraries.

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