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St Barthélemy is a calm, peaceful island, but everybody likes to know what’s happening on this little “rock.” St. Barths Online is an open forum for all those who bring the island to life with a variety of activities. You’ll find details about current events as well as our archival information that dates back to 1996!

Calendar of events

Our calendar of events in Saint Barth includes the island’s cultural and sports activities as well as local fetes. Featured are nautical events (such as the St Barth Bucket, The Cata-Cup, Les Voiles de Saint Barth…) and the St Barth theatre, music, and film festivals. Use our calendar to find details about all the events on this marvelous island.

What’s new?

A new restaurant has just opened? A diving school is offering special deals for kids and adults? There’s a disco party you don’t want to miss? You’ll find all info about all that’s new on St. Barths Online.

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