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In St Barth, there are quite a few chefs who will prepare meals in private villas, insuring high-quality meals for those who do not want to shop and cook for themselves. Before your arrival or once you are settled into your villa, you can browse the various menus and decide what kind of meals you would like to order and pick someone to take care of your needs from soup to nuts: stock the refrigerator, prepare and cook the appetizers, main courses and desserts, purchase the wines, and ensure the service for a soirée or fête with dozens of guests or a romantic dinner for two.

Every chef has special recipes and secret tricks of the trade, from specialists in vegetarian or macrobiotic meals to Indian, Kosher, or Creole. They will also take the time to research what best suits your needs throughout your stay, for a cocktail party or a week’s worth of meals for the entire family.

Another practical solution is to purchase high quality, takeout from one of the gourmet catering shops, of which there are several in St Barth. Some are open non-stop from 7am-7pm, seven days a week, and offer a delicious choice of breads and pastries, fresh fruit salad, mixed salads, vegetables, meat, fish, sandwiches, ice cream, and homemade cakes. Several restaurants will also prepare dishes for their menu to-go, wrapped in special containers, the most popular is pizza, which can be ordered in advance by phone, and even be delivered to your home.

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