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A superb colorful underwater excursion without getting wet!

On board our semi submersible vessel you will admire the beauty of the caribbean sea life. The semi submersible is very comfortable with 22 seats in an air conditioned ventilated passenger cabin.

At any time you can use the steps to go on the deck outside… would you prefer to have a look at the pelican birds nested in the ilets in the Marine park preserved area.

The tropical fish stay near the reef and the shipwreck of a fishing vessel sunk in 1995 during hurricane Luis. You'll discover close to the windows schools of sergeant majors, blue tangs, snappers, parrot fish, angel fish, barracudas, butterfly fish, sting rays and other fish. The Marignan shipwreck is now the home for many species of underwater creatures like the friendly nurse sharks.

The green sea turtles eat on their seaweed area. They are used to meet our aquarium vessel, they like to swim along our windows as they need to get some air regularly. They often carry a remora fish on their shell.

The sea excursion is a relaxing trip for adults and families , guided in english you'll love the time on board !

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Gustavia Harbour, Travel six feet beneath the surface of the sea, in safety and comfort.

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