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Scuba Diving in St Barts Island

The pleasures of underwater observation are magical.

The branch corals are recovered from the last hurricanes, and the massive corals are in full bloom, with multicolored coral fish everywhere. Each bay has a reef to be explored, each islet has its walls and caves. The most spectacular dives are around Pain de Sucre, an islet off Gustavia harbour, or around a small cape, l'Ane Rouge, off Colombier bay.

A few bays that had suffered from over-fishing have been protected since 1999 by the laws of a Marine Reserve, and their replenishment has already started. The marine turtles that were protected in 1991 have rapidly reappeared in Colombier, Fourchue, and all around the island.

Anyone who dives in the waters protected by the marine park is asked to contribute one euro per dive to the park. For those who dive on a regular basis, a pass is available for 15 euros. Good for one year, this card allows divers to try and “find Nemo” as frequently as they so desire. Available at the marine park office in Gustavia.

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