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Cottages are really a middle category in between Hotels and Villas. As you might expect from an Hotel, you may not be be the only guest, even though these structures are often more private than a hotel room. It is also sometimes possible to rent all the cottages offered on one property.

While there is no restaurant on the premises, cottages include at least a kitchenette, and as your host usually lives nearby, you can expect a higher level of service than you receive in the average villa.

Close to St-Barths' finest beach, nested in a blooming tropical garden, five cottages surround a tranquil pool. A thoughtfully refined atmosphere for a relaxed and restorative vacation. Salines Garden

Salines, 5 cottages near St.Barths' most famous beach.

  Perched upon the hilltop ridge in Colombier, these cottages command a breathtaking view of both the Atlantic and the Caribbean Ker Roc'h Glaz Cottages

Colombier, Cottages, With a spectacular view of both the Atlantic and the Caribbean

4 Charming bungalows to let complete with: Top quality services, calm, rest and tranquillity. Bedrooms with all modern conveniences. King size beds, air conditioning, luxurious bathroom,completely furnished kitchen, flat screen TV, DVD, Wifi, private deck, two pools, exotic garden, private parking, no close neighbours, exceptional view of the sea. Au Coeur Caraibe St Barth

Marigot, 4 Charming bungalows, Come and discover this wonderful vista, where the sea communes with the sky.

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