Prices per week

Weekly 1 bedroom 2 bedrooms 3 bedrooms
Jan 10 to Apr 15 US$ 7,000/wk US$ 8,000/wk US$ 9,000/wk
Apr 15 to Dec 12
US$ 4,000/wk US$ 5,000/wk US$ 6,000/wk
Dec 12 to Jan 10 - Xmas
US$ 25,000/wk US$ 25,000/wk US$ 25,000/wk
Rental rates are based on the number of bedrooms occupied.
All Villa Eden Island rentals are for exclusive use of the facility, regardless of the number of bedrooms rented.
Please Note: Rates listed do not include St. Barths' 5% room tax, which is calculated on the total rent due.


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